What Is Indypendently?

INDYPENDENTLY IS built by independents for independents: the soloists, freelancers, contractors, and entrepreneurs who are redefining work as we know it. We’re a team of strategists, writers, and creatives who are building a community with a focused purpose… to pursue success on our own terms while growing businesses that are uniquely our own.

INDYPENDENTLY IS founded by Brendon Schrader, whose own professional journey took him from corporate employee to solopreneur to leading a company that’s helped thousands of people embrace career independence.

INDYPENDENTLY IS a blend of information and inspiration to turn your intentions into action and your actions into impact. We’re here to help you make the leap, get your business off the ground, and keep work and life working together smoothly. We bring you stories of other Indys who have been in your shoes and share relevant news and trends from the frontlines of the new economy.

INDYPENDENTLY IS dedicated to the hustlers, pioneers, dreamers, and doers. People who mix a dash of “What if” with a shot of “Hell yes I can.” People who don’t worry about what’s next because they have what it takes to make their own future. People whose path isn’t always clear or easy, but believe chasing dreams, big or small, is worth it.

IF THAT’S YOU, YOU’RE ONE OF US. You’re the reason we jump out of bed in the morning (or hit the snooze and then slowly stumble to the coffee pot, but you get the idea). On this trail we’re blazing together, we’re with you all the way.

You’re independent, but not alone. Join us.